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GRI G4 Indicators

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  • Labour / management relations DMA
  • Training and education DMA
  • Diversity and equal opportunity DMA
  • Equal remuneration for women and men DMA
  • Labour practices grievance mechanisms DMA
  • Investment (Human Rights) DMA
  • Non-discrimination DMA
  • Indigenous rights DMA
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Our people

We value our people and are committed to providing a safe, supportive and stimulating environment that encourages employees to perform at their best and contribute to the success of the business.

In FY14 we worked on a range of initiatives, which were underpinned by the four pillars of our Human Resources People Strategy: Leadership, Performance, Capability and Wellbeing. Initiatives included leadership development, creation of new office spaces, and activities designed to strengthen diversity in our business.

Building leadership capability across the Group was a core focus throughout FY14. As part of this, Transurban created a partnership with INSEAD Business School to develop a Senior Leadership Development program (SLP). Thirty-three members of the Executive and Senior Leaders from across the Group attended a three day intensive program in February 2014 which focused on:

  • Developing a high performance organisation
  • Leading organisational change, and
  • Communication styles and influence.

We plan to conduct the program on an annual basis and continue to build on these areas.

To complement this program and ensure leadership qualities are embedded at all levels, a Middle Manager Development Program was also developed. This follows the core themes from the SLP, ensuring consistency in our approach to leadership throughout the business. Sixty-five leaders participated in the first module. To further embed leadership capability, a Group Coaching Program was introduced and will be continued in FY15. These new initiatives support our existing Manager Essentials workshops which focuses on our core people processes.

We promote a performance-based culture that encourages individuals and the company as a whole to set and work towards a range of performance goals and targets. Our Performance Cycle allows us to define, evaluate and develop the contribution our employees make and includes performance planning, half-year reviews and annual performance reviews. This is underpinned by our Performance Incentive Program that rewards employees financially based on their performance.

This year, we revised the Performance Incentive Program to better recognise and reward high performing employees. To ensure employees are assessed consistently, a calibration process was introduced as part of the performance review process, which increased transparency across peer levels across the business. There is also a greater emphasis on the demonstration of behaviours that reflect our values as part of the achievement of Key Performance Indicators. All employees receive regular performance and career development reviews. 

Our employee’s expertise is important to the success of our business and we recognise the need to build long-term capability in order to remain competitive and attract and retain high calibre people. We are committed to the growth and development of our employees through the provision of training and education opportunities and development of personal development plans in line with our 70/20/10 capability philosophy. This comprises 70 per cent on the job learning, 20 per cent coaching and feedback and 10 per cent formal training. During FY14, employees received an average of 14.6 hours of formal training. Transurban recognises the importance of supporting career growth within technical areas. To support this, a Technical Career Pathways program has been developed and piloted within the Traffic Forecasting Group.

Employee wellbeing was a major focus area for us this year as we encouraged our employees to enjoy fit and healthy lives, both at work and at home.

We developed and implemented an annual Wellbeing Program for our employees. The program focuses on five essential elements: health, work/life balance, financial security, recognition and connectedness. These elements guide the programs that we offer employees, which include fitness classes, flexible work arrangements and an employee volunteering scheme.

Some of the key activities in FY14 included:

  • The launch of an employee recognition program and an annual awards program to recognise employees who reflect our company values through their behavior,  ideas or actions, and
  • The launch of our Employee Volunteering Program, which encourages employees to take one day of paid volunteer leave to make a positive difference to communities.

Other employee initiatives

Employee Engagement
Transurban undertakes employee opinion surveys every 18 months to understand what our employees think of the business and identify ways we can improve employee engagement.

84 per cent of employees responded to the employee opinion survey conducted in September 2013, with an overall employee engagement score of 68 per cent – a 2 percent increase from the previous survey conducted in FY12.

The survey showed that diversity and safety were our key strengths, with employees indicating they felt a positive connection to Transurban’s vision and values, and were willing to speak highly of Transurban as a great place to work. This feedback is supported by our voluntary turnover rate of 6.7 per cent for FY14.

In addition to the employee opinion survey, we conduct six monthly spot surveys to get a reading of our workforces ‘pulse’. The last pulse survey conducted in May 2014 showed that employees are increasingly advocating Transurban as a great place to work – an increase of 10 per cent from the employee opinion survey in September 2013. Results showed that employees also felt more supported during organisational change. 

Last year we launched our new vision, ‘to strengthen communities through transport’, and values (integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect and ingenuity). This year we continued to embed these across the business. We conducted ‘values health-check’ workshops with teams across the business to help keep our values top of mind among employees and to understand how they were using the values to support the way they work.

Diversity and Equity
Our Diversity Committee entered its second year with a continued focus on three key areas – gender, culture and flexible working arrangements.

The Committee, chaired by the CEO, meets quarterly to review work being undertaken within the diversity and inclusion area and to promote a culture which values the differences that all employees and communities bring to Transurban.

The Committee has implemented initiatives focusing on increasing the number of women in leadership positions. This included the annual Women in Leadership coaching and mentoring program.

Our Executive Committee has 44.4% female representation1.

Another initiative in the gender diversity program has been the development of the Transurban FEET mentoring program (Females Encouraged in Engineering and Technology). Transurban has partnered with universities to provide mentoring to female students studying in these areas.

In the culture focus area, we have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been approved by Reconciliation Australia.

We have established a Reconciliation Working Group to implement our RAP and over the next two years, the group will work on identifying cultural development opportunities, raising awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history, and contributing to reconciliation events.

Over the past year we have also widened access and acceptance to flexible working arrangements.

As part of our work in diversity, we also have Equity Contact Officers at all Transurban sites. These employees are kept up-to-date through regular training on legislation and how to support fellow employees.

Our work in diversity extends beyond our workplace. It applies to not only to all employees, but to everyone we do business with, and it is communicated through our Diversity Policy. 

A new space to collaborate
In FY14 our Sydney and Melbourne-based employees moved into new corporate offices designed to encourage greater collaboration and flexibility for employees.
The new office spaces support Activity Based Working as well as permanent desks and include a number of locations specifically for quiet work or team activities.

Our Melbourne building, at 727 Collins Square, is designed to achieve a 5-star NABERS environmental performance rating as well as a 5-star Green Star rating through the use of sustainable building technologies.

To support the health of our employees when using new workspaces, ergonomic assessments were made available and all work chairs were ergonomically designed.

Our Lane Cove Tunnel office was also refurbished during the year.

Compliance and human rights
As a business, we are taking a proactive approach to addressing and fighting discrimination.

In FY14, all people managers were invited to attend a two-hour session on Inclusive Leadership. Some of the objectives of this program were to build an understanding of unconscious bias in the workplace and develop new behaviours, practices and structural supports to maximise the benefits of diversity.

Regular compliance training on anti-discrimination is compulsory for all employees, and we have well-developed company policies and procedures on this issue. We have Equity Contact Officers at all Transurban sites, and they receive annual training on legislation and how to be effective in their roles.
Labour relations are managed through internal HR functions, in line with our HR Policy, and we adhere to all labour relations laws in Australia and the USA.

Transurban has one Enterprise Agreement (EBA) in place, which was negotiated with Employee Representatives and the Australian Services Union. As required by the EBA and relevant awards, Transurban would consult with employees as soon as possible after making a decision involving operational changes. If there are roster changes, this communication would be a minimum of one week beforehand. In all instances Transurban aims to provide as much notice as possible to employees affected by operational changes. The Transurban EBA specifies requirements for notice periods, and consultation provisions.

We aim to resolve workplace grievances fairly, sensitively and as quickly as possible to minimise any difficulty for our employees. Our Managing Workplace Grievances Policy outlines our approach to this area. In FY14, two instances of labour practice grievances were filed and were resolved during the reporting period. Both matters were settled at the conciliation and did not progress to any formal hearing.

1This figure does not include the CEO