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Lighting up the Bolte Bridge

One of our biggest ‘use less’ projects this year involved completely changing the way we light CityLink’s Bolte Bridge.

The old lighting system had reached the end of its life, giving us an opportunity to look at how we could enhance the lighting while also helping to meet ’10 in 10’ energy reduction target. As a result, we replaced 42 metal halide lights on the Bolte Bridge towers with 34 new LED lights.

Some of the benefits of this change include:

  • An 89 per cent reduction in electricity usage, from 327,000kWh per year to 36,000kWh per year
  • Fittings that will last up to 50,000 hours or 11 years – much longer than the previous system, and
  • Components from the existing lighting system recycled and re-used wherever possible.

We also positioned the new lights to minimise the risk of glare to motorists and reduce ‘light spill’ – changes that demonstrate our overriding commitment to customer safety.

LED lights also give us the ability to light up the bridge’s iconic towers with different colours to support special events (with the consent of the State and other authorities).

Given the environmental benefits and cost savings of this project, we are looking at opportunities to replace existing lighting with LEDs across our assets.

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