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Long life lighting for the Burnley Tunnel

In FY14, all 4,700 fluorescent light tubes in the Burnley tunnel were replaced with special long-life lighting.

The normal-life fluorescent tubes that had been regularly used in the tunnel had an average annual replacement rate of 34 per cent. This meant that between 200 and 300 tubes had to be replaced during each tunnel closure.

The new lighting system will:

  • Reduce the number of fluoro tubes consumed by 60 per cent
  • Significantly reduce expected tube failure
  • Cut maintenance costs by 25 per cent per annum, and
  • Reduced time taken during each tunnel closure to maintain the tubes.

In addition, all failed tubes are recycled instead of going to landfill. During this initial replacement, 679 kilograms of old fluoro tubes were recycled through the Fluorocycle scheme.

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