Climate change

Climate change presents a number of potential risks to our assets and operations. Rising temperatures and extreme rainfall and wind may increase the rate at which our roads deteriorate and can cause more accidents. Our assets have been designed and built to high standards, and have effective management procedures in place. To date, they have been largely unaffected by extreme weather.

But we know these risks may change in the future, so we continue to look at potential climate change impacts on a regular basis. In June 2014, we conducted a climate change risk assessment, which built on a 2010 study we had conducted for CityLink. This new risk assessment looked at the effect extreme heat or intense rainfall and wind could have on our infrastructure and covered all the assets in our portfolio.

One effective way for Transurban to continue to mitigate these types of risks is through the design and construction of climate-resilient assets. We are working with our construction partners to assess climate change risks in the design phase of major projects so we can take measures to help us adapt.