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Privacy Policy

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  • Customer privacy DMA
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Enhancing customer experience

Our approach to customer service
We have more than five million customers using our roads, and more than one million on CityLink alone, accessing multiple tolling products and services. The size and complexity of that customer base means our business has to handle large volumes of transactions while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Transurban engages with customers through our retail brands – CityLink in Melbourne, Roam and Roam Express in Sydney, and E-ZPass in Virginia.

Our customer operations are required to meet high service standards set out by the customer charters of each brand. These standards ensure we respond to customers efficiently and include measures on response time to calls and complaints. In our call centres, Team Leaders conduct monthly quality audits on calls to ensure we hit our high service standards.

Customer initiatives on CityLink
In FY14, a number of initiatives were implemented on CityLink to provide more efficient service and improve the overall customer experience. These included:

  • A campaign to prompt customers to pay their late toll invoices that could have otherwise been referred to Civic Compliance Victoria. Customers responded positively to the campaign as the extra prompt helped them avoid fines.
  • Continuation of a program to help our commercial customers manage their online accounts. This involved the customer service team providing one-on-one web demonstrations of the different transactions that can be processed online.
  • A transition period provided to motorcycle customers in the first months after tolling came into effect in January 2014, with administration fees being waived to ensure the change went smoothly.

Customer satisfaction scorecard

We are always looking to improve our communication with customers and over the next year we will look at other channels to ensure customers are satisfied with the service from our roads and our retail brands.

Customer privacy
At Transurban we value the privacy of our customers, and we protect it in a number of ways. These include:

  • A privacy policy that applies across our business
  • Employee training on confidentiality and privacy as part of our mandatory e-learning program
  • Compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles as part of our privacy obligations.
  • A privacy message, which details how we use personal information, which is made available to all customers, and
  • Annual performance audits to ensure compliance with relevant privacy requirements.