GRI G4 Indicators

  • G4-3
  • G4-4
  • G4-6
  • G4-7
  • G4-8
  • G4-56


Transurban manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and the United States of America. We have been in business since 1996 and are now a top 25 company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

At the heart of our business strategy is our desire to be a 'partner of choice' for our government clients and an organisation that meets the needs of our customers. Transurban is committed to providing effective transportation solutions to support the growth and well-being of our cities.

We do this through the efficient management of our existing road networks, active involvement in the transport policy debate, and the application of our skills to the infrastructure challenges in our markets.

We have defined our primary capabilities as:

  • Network planning and forecasting
  • Operations and customer management
  • Project development and delivery
  • Application of technology, and
  • Community engagement.

Our vision is to strengthen communities through transport

It is the many and diverse communities that make our cities such great places to live, work and visit.
At Transurban, we make a difference to those communities by providing safer, smarter and faster ways for people to go about their daily lives.

Transport is complex and solutions require ingenuity – thinking beyond today to the needs of tomorrow. We take a holistic view and see roads as just one piece of the puzzle in a city’s transport network. And these solutions can only become real if we work side-by-side with our clients and communities – in collaboration and mutual respect. In everything we do, we show integrity and take accountability for our actions. It is what our clients and communities expect of us and what we expect of ourselves. We do all this with one purpose in mind: to strengthen communities through transport.