Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy underpins our corporate strategy and reinforces Transurban's vision to 'strengthen communities through transport'. We have committed to:

  • Be good neighbours
  • Use less, and
  • Think long term.

In April 2014, we undertook a series of workshops and interviews with key internal and external stakeholders to identify current and future (two to five years) priority issues and improvement areas for the sustainability program.

The major stakeholders included Transurban senior management, investors, road authorities, industry leaders and educational or research institutions. We also surveyed all our employees to give them an opportunity to provide feedback on our sustainability approach and impacts. A peer review of global sustainability leading corporations was also included in the process.

This work helped us identify some of the areas stakeholders believe are important for Transurban, including:

  • The early integration of sustainability into major project design
  • Innovative technology, and
  • Energy efficiency.

We developed a series of commitments and actions from the process. This included existing programs, new programs recommended for immediate adoption and other programs to consider in the longer term.