GRI G4 Indicators

  • Economic performance DMA
  • Indirect economic impacts DMA
  • G4-9
  • EC1

Think long term

Transurban is committed to improving transport networks to help people, goods and services move safely and more efficiently across our cities both now and into the future. For that reason, we ‘think long term’ in everything we do.

Our roads play an integral role in the transport networks of the cities where we operate. Our value proposition has always been about keeping cities moving by keeping traffic flowing, whether that is through sophisticated traffic management or through the development of new roads.

In addition, as a toll road operator, our continued growth is dependent on toll revenue from our road networks. This requires long-term planning on our part to ensure we maintain and manage our roads as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In FY14, our business delivered strong financial results – with a net profit of $252.2 million.